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department of clinical services

The goal of MCHD's Department of Clinical Services (DCS) is to provide a consistent and superior system of emergency and non-emergency services to our community and provide support for our employees through leadership and professional development. 

The DCS and Quality team employ the following tools to improve MCHD’s success:

  • Analysis of all reports related to strokes, cardiac events, and trauma
  • Regular attendance at local emergency department meetings to foster clear lines of communication and quality improvement
  • Regular case reviews with emergency department personnel and paramedics
  • Studies on the implementation and effectiveness of best practices
  • Published research papers

the mchd paramedic podcast

The MCHD Paramedic Podcast is ranked in the Top 80 Apple Science podcasts, worldwide. Dr. Casey Patrick and Dr. Rob Dickson have done an incredible job taking complex topics and transforming the material into relatable educational content. 

Check it out!

recent mchd clinical publications

Peer Reviewed

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Rebecca E. Cash, Ph.D., MPH, Remle P. Crowe, Ph.D., Scott A. Goldberg, MD, MPH, Casey Patrick, MD, L. Michael Wells-Whitworth, BS, LP, Laura K. Barger, Ph.D.; Carlos A. Camargo, Jr., MD, DrPH. Association between sleep characteristics, ideal cardiovascular health, and systemic inflammation, NHANES 2017-2018.  Journal of Sleep Research. (In Press 2021)

Professional Publications

Winter Comes to Texas Cover Story EMS World Magazine July 2021

Article Bite #30: What Is the Incidence of Awakeness during Paralysis Following Mechanical Ventilation in the ED – NAEMSP Educational Blog EMS-MED March 2021, Casey Patrick

Article Bite #32: 12-Leads After ROSC: It’s All In The Timing – NAEMSP Educational Blog EMS-MED March 2021 Brad Ward and Casey Patrick

IV Nitrates for Acute Hypertensive Pulmonary Edema-A Three-Year Review